At Genesis Truck Insurance, we understand that life is full of obstacles andchallenges and that reflects in many ways. On of those ways for some of our clients could be the lack of experience with their class A license or the lack of perfect driving record. That's why we work so hard to maintain a good relationship with our insurance providers: to ensure that we are able to reach all types of drivers and all types of companies, by providing insurance plans for drivers who are new in the trucking industry, thus making it easier for companies that are willing to give those drivers the opportunity to gain the experience that mano other employers require, and also to those that have had issues with their driving record and are eager to reestablish their record, also making it easier for those employers that are willing to give them an opportunity as well, we believe that everyone deserves a chance, and in some cases, a second chance.

Of course we also have excellent plans for those drivers that have maintained a clean driving record, pro viding them with the lowest down payments and monthly payments in the market. We intend to earn your business for the long run, and that's why we care that you are placed with the right insurance plan that fits your transportation needs as well as your budget.

We strongly believe that the best type of advertising is word of mouth. That's why we will try our best to go the extra mile for you, to keep you satisfied with our service so that we may also provide that same type of service to your friends and loved ones that you may refer to us.  

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